Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Things-To-Do List

Here are the 75 things I want to do in life. It is supposed to be 100 but I can't think the other 25 yet, well I'm very much open to suggestions, any one? 

I know some of the items below might be impossible for a normal, poor person that I am or even you, but these are dreams that give hope and inspiration. Come on, don't spoil it!

  1. Have a picture taken under the Eiffel Tower
  2. Ride an elephant with Geek
  3. Backpacking in Asian countries without visa
    Hong Kong (May 2011)
    | Singapore (Feb. 2012)| Indonesia | Jeju Island, South Korea | Macau | Malaysia | Thailand | Cambodia | Laos | Vietnam | India
  4. Asia cross-countries road trip
  5. Sisters out-of-town trip
  6. Be on a vacation with just my Mom and Sis
  7. Ride a train to cross-countries in Europe
  8. Visit at least 20 most wonderful places of the Philippine islands
    Banaue Rice Terraces (Dec. 2009) | Sagada (Dec.  2009) | Cebu (Sept. 2011) | Boracay (Aug. 2011) | Puerto Galera (Apr. 2010) | Mt. Pinatubo (May 2011) | Subic (May 2011) | Pagudpud (Apr. 2012) | Vigan (May 2012) | Laoag (Apr. 2012)
  9. Cook French cuisine for Geek
  10. Speak French language fluently
    French Class
     (Modules 1-2) (2011)
  11. Paragliding
  12. Bungee jumping
  13. Get drunkest with Geek
  14. Touch, lay down and play on snow
  15. See aurora

  16. Scuba diving
  17. Surfing
  18. Ride a hot air balloon
  19. Ride a camel
  20. Drive fast a motorcycle
  21. Drive a car to unplanned trip
  22. Camping
  23. Sleep under the stars
  24. One-day chocolate tasting
  25. One-day wine tasting
  26. Snowboarding/Skiing
  27. Bar hopping
  28. Enter a strip-bar or gay bar
  29. Witness a world event
  30. Solo backpacking

  31. Go to casino and gamble
  32. Create “something”
  33. Watch a Broadway theatrical show
  34. Watch a live concert
  35. Get my fortune told
  36. Kiss a total stranger
  37. Go on a blind group date with friends
  38. Say “I love you” in a day to all my love ones
  39. Go on a meditation retreat
  40. Try yoga
  41. Plant a tree
  42. Three days of total tech (internet) shutdown  
    (Apr. 29-30, May 1, 2012)
  43. Own a pet… again
  44. Do a practical joke and never ever admit it
  45. Make my own travel blog (under development)

  46. Own a business
  47. Write a book
  48. Make a movie
  49. Eat something very exotic, raw or alive
  50. A week of just fruits and water
  51. Go fishing and catch a fish
  52. Climb a mountain
    Mt. Gulugod-Baboy, Mabini, Batangas, PH (Feb. 2010)
  53. Smoke one time, yeah!
  54. Send a message in a bottle
  55. Kiss in the pouring rain
  56. Take a vow of silence in a day
  57. Say “Thank you” to everyone I owe in a day
  58. Watch 3-5 movies in cinema in a day
  59. Let go of grudges. Forgive.
  60. Wear sexiest swimwear in a beach

  61. Visit an orphanage and make a donation
  62. See at least 2 places of each continent (exception: Antarctica)
    Asia (2): Hong Kong, Singapore | Europe | South America | North America | Africa | Australia
  63. Create a public scene for fun
  64. Back to school again, take a short course
    French Class
     (Modules 1-2) (2011)
  65. Fly a kite
  66. Eat in a finest restaurant with Geek
  67. See a famous Hollywood celebrity
  68. See a meteor shower   
    Avida Residences 2008
  69. Throw a big party with all my friends so they’ll meet and know each other
  70. Sandboarding
    La Paz Sand Dunes, Laoag, Ilocos Norte (Apr. 2012)
  71. Shout out and cry it all my grievances in life in a cliff
  72. Skydiving
  73. Own a house
  74. Get married
  75. Have beautiful babies

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